Cambridge Organists

Saturday January 28th., Sidney Sussex College

An good number of members attended the afternoon to see the new Flentrop Orgelbouw instrument. It is housed on the South side of the chapel divided into three sections with the Zwelwerk behind the console, Hoofdwerk to the right and Pedaal to the left separated by narrow passageways for access to the console. It has a typical bright Baroque style sound with lots of upper harmonic richness yet is flexible enough for all styles of music as demonstrated by the organ scholars and several members who played. Unlike a true baroque instrument it has electronic combination aids and stop knobs arranged in a modern format. As one would expect from an instrument costing about £500,000 the craftsmanship is superb. Apart from the front pipes the only readily visible rank is the stopped pedal rank pictured here. The pipes are beautifully crafted from pine, with oak feet and caps. Curiously the Bourdon 16 sounded at the console to be louder than the Subbass, but that might be a local acoustic phenomenum. It is a lovely instrument which  speaks out into the space of the chapel well and evenly.     Altogether a most enjoyable afternoon.

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